Mix Hawk Music

Traditional & Outlaw Country, Gospel, Bluegrass

About Mix Hawk

Mix Hawk was born in Russia into a pro-actors family. So he was forced to study music before he started talk. When he turned 13, his life was dramatically inspired - almost by accident he's got "Volunteer Jam 3&4" double LP by Charlie Daniels Band with guests and friends. Also the same year (1985) Mix saw John Denver live in his native city of St. Petersburg. Although he still remained under the influence of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and other rock’n’roll bands, Mix started dreaming about singing country music. Which was almost impossible – nobody played American country music in Soviet Union. Anyway, he was the first in his 6 million population city who started wear a cowboy hats and dressed like Willie Nelson. And times – they are changing. Soviet Union collapsed, and little by little American music started penetrate on virgin Russian soil. Mix found a group of young musicians who also were crazy about country music and joined them at age 17 to stay faithful to this music ever since. Over the years, Mix Hawk became a legend in country music in ex-USSR, performing, hosting radio shows, festivals and clubs. Even after becoming a Christian minister, he continued to perform occasionally, always gathering a large audience. In 2014 Mix Hawk moved to the United States and now lives in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, where he keep on preaching and singing.